It is very well known that many fears and phobias or emotional problems come from past lives. The classic example being having a fear of water which came from being drowned in a past life.

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However, there are many more emotions that can come from past lives.  Examples are the following:-

  • Betrayal coming from being a woman when a natural disaster happened. The woman lost her home and although she had three sons, none of them helped her.  She ended up being homeless until finally, some friends helped her.
  • Anger came from being a mother where all her sons went to war and none of them returned.
  • Sadness comes from being a man who lost his wife and children due to disease, all within a year of each other.
  • Fear of snakes comes from having been bitten by a snake in a previous life and died a painful death.
  • Guilt comes from having an affair and when the partner found out, they committed suicide. Also, an interesting case is where a client had a dream about a man who said they would meet.  They did meet in a completely different country and she feels that she needs to apologize to him for something (which is obviously from a past life).  The past life was where she betrayed him to the authorities, saying he was a witch.
  • Hurt comes from having a relationship with someone and then finding out they were already married.
  • Depression comes from having a past life where the woman suffered miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage.
  • Lack of confidence in being able to write Chinese when learning it as a second language came from a past life of being Chinese but being a woman and not being allowed to write.
  • Lack of self-worth comes from being constantly told you are worthless in a past life by your parents.
  • Lack of self-esteem coming from having been left outside a Church as a baby as your mother was unable to look after you.
  • Anxiety came from living in a village that had been attacked in the past and constantly feeling anxious that it would happen again.
  • Pressure comes from being in a fairly wealthy family and being expected to marry the partner of your parent’s choice.
  • Stress comes from being a tenant farmer with a wife and family and your landowner wanting to kick all the families out and have sheep on the land instead.
  • Inferiority coming from being the youngest of several children and being bullied by the older ones.
  • Jealousy coming from having a husband who constantly had affairs but not being able to leave him due to financial and practical circumstances.
  • Frustration coming from a past life where there were undiagnosed learning difficulties so the person couldn’t do what others could do easily.
  • Rejection coming from a past life where the baby was born with deformities and then later on in life, nobody wanted to marry the person.
  • Panic attacks coming from a past life where there was a drunken father and the child would not know whether he would be violent towards the mother or not each time he came home.
  • Confusion coming from a past life where the person had the gift of seeing ghosts but were told they were imagining things.
  • Worry coming from having many children and the husband losing his job.


Obviously not every emotional problem comes from a past life, but if you have tried to reduce the negative feelings in other ways, and nothing has worked, then it is another option to try.  Other clues that could indicate are feeling the emotions very strongly in dreams or feeling the emotion very strongly just being around someone, even if they have not said or done anything.