Although Nicola does not do past life readings herself, she has a colleague who does the reading with Nicola guiding him.

This is a very quick and effortless way of getting information about past lives if you aren’t able to work with Nicola directly or have concerns about looking at the past lives yourself.

Past life Regression in Person in England near you. With the best past-life regression therapist Nicola dexter. Contact us now!

If you have a past life reading then you would need to give Nicola instructions about why you wanted it done.

Examples are the following:-

  • Past lives with a partner/ex-partner
  • Past lives with family members
  • Past lives with friends
  • Past lives with work colleagues or a boss or subordinates
  • Past lives with neighbours
  • Past lives to discover the root cause of a birthmark
  • Past lives in a particular country
  • Past lives in a specific time period
  • Past lives causing career or financial challenges
  • Past lives causing a particular health problem
  • Past lives causing a fear or phobia
  • Past lives causing other strong/intense feelings
  • Past lives linked with interests
  • Past lives linked with gifts – musical or sports for example


You can either book a 30-minute reading for £50 or a 60-minute reading for £100.

Generally, 30 minutes would cover 3 lifetimes and 60 minutes would cover 6 lifetimes.

And Nicola would send you a write-up of what was found via email.