This is probably the most unusual of ways that past lives can affect us.  Literally what it means is that where we did something in a previous life, it happens to us in our present life.

These are examples from Nicola’s 25+ years of taking clients back to past lives:-

  • Having problems with seeing out of the eyes due to a past life as being part of the Spanish Inquisition and gouging people’s eyes out as a punishment.
  • Problems with a car always needing to be repaired at the garage due to having stolen someone’s camel in Egypt (the camel being the mode of transportation at the time).
  • Problems with noisy neighbours due to being in charge of prison and using noise as a form of torture stopping sleeping and thereby getting confessions from the prisoners.
  • Problem where a man had been attracted to many fake healers or even ones that were not fake being unable to heal him. This came from a past life where he pretended to be a healer in a past life but was actually a charlatan, causing many to die or their conditions to worsen.
  • Being burgled linked to having stolen from the burglars in a past life.
  • Having a car vandalised due to having caused damage to a stables in a previous life, with nowhere for the horses to be kept.
  • Having a puncture due to a past life where the person sabotaged a cart such that the wheel fell off whilst going along the road.
  • Having a car stolen as the person had confiscated a neighbour’s horse wrongly in a past life.
  • Having problems speaking to someone on a mobile phone – cutting out constantly – this came from a past life when the two people involved were Native American Indians and they kept on cutting the wires on the telegraph poles.
  • Having a landlord evict you for no good reason coming from when the tenant was a slum landlord in New York with several tenement buildings and not keeping up with repairs.
  • Having someone take your partner away coming from having done the same thing to them in a past life.


Obviously not every problem or challenge we have comes from a past life, but occasionally they can do.  And if you keep on getting the same type of problem again and again, it is certainly one option that can be investigated.