Past Life Regression Plus Healing


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"I came up in a strange rash on my face. It persisted for three weeks and then started to spread. I tried to see a doctor but mentioned it to Nicola during a therapy session. The next week when I saw Nicola, she took me back to the root cause, which was, to my surprise in a past life. We healed the past life and now a week later, my skin is nearly back to normal."
AK – London
"I woke up one morning with a splitting headache. I suffered for two days, refusing to take painkillers. I tried crystals but they didn’t help. And in despair I rang Nicola. She believed that the headaches were caused by past lives and she did a regression session over the phone. She helped me heal four past lives. The intense pain subsided immediately and the headaches completely went two days later."
NS – London
"I decided to contact Nicola after recommendation from a friend. I was really drawn to past life regression. I never had hypnotherapy done before and didn’t know what to expect. On meeting Nicola, her friendly and highly professional attitude put me at ease at once and everything was explained to me thoroughly. During the session, I was sitting in a very comfortable reclined chair and was guided through my past lives with her calm voice. I discovered things that I wasn’t aware of previously, and that made me realize why I was behaving certain ways in specific situations. I can no happily say that this experience helped me greatly with seeing my present life in a whole new perspective with a more positive outlook. I would definitely recommend Nicola to anyone searching for a fulfilled, happy and successful life with no regrets and mainly not holding yourself back."
JN – London