With regards to past lives, the kinds of recurring patterns could be something as simple as a tic/unconscious body movement to a more complex compulsion.  Nicola has found that many children nowadays have many of these recurring patterns as they are old souls.

Examples are as follows:-

  • Odd repetitive sounds for a young boy coming from a serious brain injury in a past life in India as a woman. The husband was the young boy’s father in current life
  • Strange sound “Wa” for the same young boy coming from a head injury in Thailand as a teenage girl
  • Obsession with teeth cleaning and hand washing coming from a past life where the person had lost their brother, sister and father to disease and was terrified of dying themselves and of losing the mother
  • A young boy screaming and shouting that came from a past life where a spiritual awakening had gone wrong and he had been put into an asylum
  • A young girl singing very loudly in current life coming from a past life where she was a drunk who regularly sang
  • A male in current life who was always checking cutlery – this came from a past life as a woman who would get into trouble if the cutlery was not spotlessly clean
  • A male in current life having nervousness, tic movements and making tutting noises. This was due to having an abusive father in a past life
  • A boy in present life having a habit of repeating things and fearing getting things wrong. This came from having a critical mother in a past life
  • A child in present life having to keep on saying goodnight came from being a mother who had had three children die in their sleep and her husband having a heart attack in the night
  • Fear of being alone for a young boy came from a past life where there was a war and he was abandoned/left behind, although fortunately only temporarily
  • A young boy fearing going to the toilet and getting constipated came from a past life where toilets smelled so bad, as a woman, she avoided going, suffered damage to the kidneys and died. Plus a second life where he had to clean toilets as a slave.
  • A young girl in present life being hysterical, came from a past life where she had lost most of her family and the hysteria was through grief
  • A teenage girl always wanting to wear the same clothes came from having been a man who was put into a mental asylum in a past life and was paranoid about losing his identity


Obviously not every recurring pattern or behaviour comes from a past life, but if you have tried in vain to change the pattern in other ways and nothing has worked, then it is another option to try.