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This is being taken back to access past life memories by a trained professional.  In other words you are regressed back to an earlier life.

Regression can be done in several different ways:-

  • First person – imagining being in your own body, looking out through your eyes and reliving what happened.
  • Third person – imagining being above the past life memories and looking down at what happened to you.
  • Mixture – you can swap between being in your own body to being above looking down – this sometimes happens spontaneously but can be  guided by the professional.

Generally past life regression is done using hypnosis, but when you are very familiar with the process, it can be done without the formal induction into a trance.

Past life regression may take you back to a traumatic memory but the trained professional will be taking care of you so that you experience little discomfort and that the memory can then be healed so that it is no longer affecting you in the present.

It is certainly possible that you have been a murderer, an abuser, a rapist, a thief, a swindler or killed or tortured people.  However, if you have lived many lives, you, just the same as most other people will have had some lifetimes where you behaved badly.

My clients have told me that they have had benefits in many different ways:-

  • Better relationships
  • Better friendships
  • New or better job
  • Feeling happier
  • No longer fearing death
  • Improved physical health
  • Disappearance of some pains
  • More confidence and assertiveness
  • Better luck and more positive coincidences

Some clients find it easy to regress to access past lifetimes and others find it harder.  If you have tried with one therapist and it didn’t work, then try a different one.  The more experienced the trained professional, the more likely you are to access past life memories.

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