As well as physical and emotional problems that can come from past lives, our thoughts including beliefs can also stem from them too.

Examples Nicola has come across in more than 25 years of taking clients back to past lives are the following:-

  • Belief of not being able to earn enough money coming from a past life in the 1920’s depression when the person lost their job and became homeless.
  • Belief of not being good enough to get a husband coming from being a concubine in China and of being lower status.
  • Belief of being an imposter coming from a past life where the woman pretended to be a man in order to take up the career of hunting.
  • Belief of being persecuted coming from being put into the gas chambers in the Second World War.
  • Belief of being a hypochondriac coming from a past life of being very sick, nobody believing the person and them dying a painful death.
  • Belief of being helpless coming from a past life where the person was born into slavery and died a slave.
  • Belief of being a failure coming from a past life where the person had a business which then ended up going bankrupt.
  • Belief of always being scammed coming from a past life in America where they were scammed by a so called flim flam man/confidence trixter.
  • Belief of never doing anything right coming from a past life with undiagnosed learning difficulties and always being told off or shouted by the parents.
  • Belief of being a loser coming from a past life where a crooked lawyer cheated the person out of their inheritance.


Obviously not every negative belief comes from a past life, but if you have tried in vain to change the negative thoughts in other ways and nothing has worked, then it is another option to try.