When you are injured in a past life, it leaves an energetic imprint in that area of the body and can cause malfunctions especially pain in the same area in present day.

However, it is not just injuries that can be brought forward, memories of being poisoned, memories of starvation, memories of being force fed, memories of torture and many other problems with the body, can also have an effect nowadays.

Sometimes birthmarks are a clue as to where an injury happened.  And the current problems can be either acute or chronic.

Nicola has personally experienced many acute symptoms such as the following:-

  • Eyes streaming and nose running linking to dying in a past life
  • Hiccupping linked to drowning in a past life
  • Severe back pain being linked to being an African slave in a past life
  • Vomiting being linked to having been poisoned in a past life – either accidentally or deliberately
  • Dizziness being linked to being pushed down the stairs in a past life
  • Headaches being linked to having been hit around the head
  • Nosebleeds being linked to being a boxer


This has given Nicola a unique insight into the many and varied physical problems that clients can bring forward from their past lives.

This has included the following:-

  • Teeth problems due to having lost them in past lives
  • Fibromyalgia due to severe injury in past lives
  • Liver problems due to having been an alcoholic in a past life
  • Anorexia due to vomiting after almost drowning
  • Pain having sex due to sexual assault/abuse in previous lives
  • Eye problems due to having gouged out other people’s eyes
  • Blistering skin problems due to having been burnt at the stake
  • Psoriasis on the knees and elbows due to being dragged behind a horse
  • Skin problems on lips, due to them having been sewn together as a punishment
  • Painful knees due to working on knees scrubbing floors
  • Painful ankles due to having been shackled as a prisoner


Obviously not every physical problem comes from a past life but if you have tried to heal the physical problems in other ways and nothing has worked, then it is another option to try.  Other clues that could indicate past lives are dreams or symptoms occurring when around a particular person.