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When you are injured in a past life, it leaves an energetic imprint in that area of the body and can cause malfunctions especially pain in the same area in present day.

However, it is not just injuries that can be brought forward, memories of being poisoned, memories of starvation, memories of being force fed, memories of torture and many other problems with the body, can also have an effect nowadays.

Sometimes birthmarks are a clue as to where an injury happened.  And the current problems can be either acute or chronic.

Nicola has personally experienced many acute symptoms such as the following:-

This has given Nicola a unique insight into the many and varied physical problems that clients can bring forward from their past lives.

This has included the following:-

Obviously not every physical problem comes from a past life but if you have tried to heal the physical problems in other ways and nothing has worked, then it is another option to try.  Other clues that could indicate past lives are dreams or symptoms occurring when around a particular person.

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