How to Get Past Life regression Online?

Past life Regression in Person in England near you. Past life regression is now online or all persons worldwide. With the best past-life regression therapist Nicola dexter.

Since Covid-19, Nicola like many other businesses has made more use of technology to offer virtual sessions of past life regression.

Criteria’s to get Past Life Regression Online worldwide virtually:

The criteria for making the Past life sessions effective are the following:-

  • Stable enough internet connection for video
  • Either a plugged-in device or sufficient charge to last the whole session
  • Taking care that there will be no interruptions by other people, animals, or noise.
  • Sitting or lying somewhere where your head is supported and the camera is focused on the head and upper body
  • Preferably wearing an eye mask or covering over the eyes


The Past life regression session can then take place in a similar manner to having past life regression face-to-face