Past life regression is based on the belief in reincarnation and that we have been here on Earth many times.  Sometimes as a male and sometimes as female.  Using hypnotherapeutic techniques, you/the client can be taken back to look at your own past life memories, learn from them so that you are able to live your life differently in current life.

There are a number of steps involved in the process:-

  • Discussion with Nicola about how it works
  • Decision about whether to go to a specific type of past life or just one that is in highest good to access
  • Having questions answered so that you feel confident to do the regression
  • The induction into a physically relaxed state, with an alert mind
  • The guidance to access the past life memories – this maybe seeing them, hearing answers when asked questions, feeling what you felt, knowing what happened, sensing what was going on or a mixture of these. Occasionally even smelling what you would have smelt.
  • Finding out what happened at the point in time where you have gone back to.
  • Finding out what happened at the point in time where you have gone back to
  • Learning from what happened
  • Cleaning up, resolving, healing what happened – eg apologising, forgiving or revoking
  • Rewriting the lifetime with a different/better/highest good outcome
  • Returning to present day
  • Coming out of the relaxed state
  • Sharing with Nicola, having any other questions answered
  • Living a changed life due to the past life regression

I woke up one morning with a splitting headache.  I suffered for two days, refusing to take painkillers.  I tried crystals but they didn’t help.  And in despair, I rang my therapist Nicola.  She believed that the headache was caused by past lives.  She did a regression session over the phone and helped me heal four past lives.  The intense pain subsided immediately and the headaches completely went two days later  (Female client in her thirties)

I came up with a strange rash on my face.  It persisted for three weeks and started to spread.  I tried to see a doctor but mentioned it to Nicola during a therapy session.  The next week when I saw Nicola, she took me back to the root cause which was to my surprise in a past life.  We healed the past life and now a week later, my skin is nearly back to normal  (Female client in her twenties)